• Cheli Mula - London Hamburg

My work as a holistic therapist is an extension and an expression of my art and my approach is to balance Body, Mind and Spirit.
I created a special space in the City of London where therapists from different disciplines raise awareness to improve health.
I have been working since 1989 as a professional make up artist for Photo, TV, Stage and Events. My passion for make up remains.
I completed my art studies (1993- 2000) as a conceptual fine artist at Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste in Hamburg, Germany. My vision of art , involves all aspects of my life, and its not only limited to be shown in a gallery.

Please take a minute to consider my latest project. This is a crowd funding initiative to finalise my studies in the traditional Mexican Aztec healing, Mexihka Pactli, set to begin on the 20th October 2014 in Mexico.  This work is meant to enrich you before you give. It has been a journey bringing this crowd funding…


International Art Festival Hamburg, 2013 special guest of Yolanda Gutierrez Projects, Mexican Spirits Vol.1 the traditional mexican aztek healing via Skype live from London to Hamburg. as a one to one session Sustos – to bring the spirits back to the body