I m working since 1987 in the field of complementary therapies, including beauty and make up.

My approach with my body treatments is to balance energies of the body, and achieve a sense of wellbeing and balance,

Holistic Full bodymassage

During my career as a body therapist i trained in different techniques in Ayurvedic massages, Myofascial Meridian, Indian head massage. Retrained  aswell as Anatomy and Pathology NVQ Level 3,

All my knowledge  blends into my massages.

This is a deep tissue massage, addressing aswell all relevant accupressure and energy points, releasing muscle tension and soothing the nervoussystem down,  to let the body regenerate and rejuvenate.

60 min £ 50

60 min 50 euros


This treatment is reaching the bodies and organs nervous sytem only by addressing pressure on the footsole.

A special technique stimulates special points, related to the whole body and its functions.

Reflexology achieves a deep relaxation and stimulates the Self Repairsytem within the body

Optimal is to book a course of treatments (discount can be given with a course)

Single session 60min £48

Single session 60 min 48 euros

Face Rejuvenation Massage

An ancient Ayurvedic Face Massage technique to relax and muscle tension in the face and scalp. Minimizes facetension and wrinkles.

This massage is very effective for the nervoussytem and leaves a refreshed and relaxed sensation

Before and after face treatment will be applied

60 min £48

60 min 48 euros

Jin Shin Jyutsu®

An ancient japanese Healing Art to balance and harmonize the eneryflow from within.

Applied fully clothed on designeated points on the body it leaves a total relaxed and rejuvenated sensation.

Selfhelp recomendations to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu® on your self can be given

More information

60min £48

60 min 48 euros

Mexihka Paklti

Derrived from  Mexican Aztec tradition and philosophy this treatment is to balance the body,mind and spirit.

It involves a  short deep tissue fullbody massage and some rituals to balance the bodies energies.These rituals are to clean the energetic body, aswell releasing maybe energies , which have been stored from frights.

According to what addressed, it might  include a work with flowers, eggs and herbs.

up to 90 min £45

up to 90 min 45 euros


I; m waxing brazilian wax with sugar (called Halawa- exclusive from Germany), an ancient egyptian method, effective and very good for the intim parts of the body or very sensitive clients.

Other , bigger parts are being waxed with a high quality trea tree wax, after wax treatment applied.